Why Compression Socks for Nurses?

By Pam Bortot RN

     I knew going into nursing as a profession that I would be standing long hours on my feet. But no one told me the toll it would take on my legs. My mother was an LVN. I saw how hard she worked. Her beautiful legs looked more like road maps by the end of her career. She worked back in the day when we wore white dresses, white stocking and sensible white shoes to work. I remember my mother telling me she wore support stockings. They were thick, white and ugly. Thank goodness today the nursing uniform has changed. I once heard that the number 1 reason to be a nurse is because we get to wear our pajamas to work! I love scrubs. They are comfortable and easy to work in. I'm also happy that the sensible white shoes of my mother's day have been replaced by specialty shoes and athletic shoes. But we shouldn't forget about our legs. Even though they are covered they need support too.



     Long hours on our feet can cause pain, soreness, swelling and spider and varicose veins. When I was younger I didn't think much about the toll all that abuse would do to my legs. It wasn't until I started to have problems with tired achy legs. They would ache and start to jump after a hard shift. The harder the shift the more my legs would jump. I was convinced I had restless leg syndrome. I went to my doctor. He suggested compression socks.

      I learned in school the benefits of compression socks for post-operative patients to prevent blood clots and to promote circulation. I learned the benefits for diabetics, who typically develop poor circulation in their lower extremities.  But no one ever mentioned the benefits for nurses. Athletes use compression socks. Runners use compression socks. Sometimes at the end of a shift I feel like I have run a marathon! So why shouldn’t nurses wear compression socks too?

     Nurses today are usually told what color scrubs they can wear, what color shoes they can wear; about the only thing that isn't controlled are our socks. This is one of the only places where we can express our individuality. Compression socks have come a long way from my mother's thick white stockings. Today’s compression socks for nursing are cute, fun and come in a variety of compression strengths. Mine are so cute, I actually look forward to wearing them! Today my legs have stopped aching and jumping no matter how hard my shift is. Sometimes my legs and ankles would swell and that too has gone. The benefits to the health of my legs is clear. Compression socks work. For all the health benefits and awesome designs, go to awesomesocks4u.com. There you will find tons of cute socks that really do work as hard as you do. 

Pam Bortot BSN, RN 

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