About Me

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2007. Before that, I was a Hairdresser. I have been standing or walking with these legs through 2 careers now. They've always been good to me. My mother had varicose veins. Her beautiful legs looked more like road maps by the end of her life. Early in my life I started to get little broken veins on my legs. I was always told that compression socks would help. I just thought they were for other people, not me. After all, the veins on my legs were not as bad as my mother's. But then about 5 years ago my legs started to ache and jump after a really hard day at work. The harder the shift the more my legs would ache and jump around. They just wouldn't relax. I started to think something was wrong. I went to my doctor and asked about restless leg syndrome. My doctor suggested compression socks. Okay, but they needed to be cute! I went to the department store by my house. All they had was 3 boring colors. Then I found Think Medical compression socks. They were really cute, so I bought a pair and Wow! what a difference. My legs had more energy, they didn't feel as tired and they stopped aching and jumping at night. As a nurse I know the benefits of compression socks on long flights to combat fatal blood clots. Diabetics benefit from the improved circulation in their feet and legs. But really anybody could benefit from compression socks. 

Today, I'm widowed and live with my rescue dog Bella. I have retired now from working 3, 12 hour shifts a week. But im still working part-time. I realy love what I do, but my next career just might be Crazy Sock Lady! (Can you have too many socks)?

Pam Bortot BSN, RN